Customer Testimonials

We work tirelessly to give our users the best tools and artwork for creating custom designs. Our amazing customer service team gets rave reviews and feedback. These are unedited, unsolicited testimonials from our users.

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  • “What an amazing experience! I had no idea how to make a large poster to promote an event ... found PosterMyWall online ... and you were the only website that made creating a custom poster easy. I was blown away by your immediate Facebook responses to my multiple questions. Your customer service is amazing. No sooner did you send my digitized image, I was able to upload it to Office Depot and have them print my poster on poster board and laminate it. I worked with you on Tuesday night and my finished poster was ready for pick up at my local Office Depot first thing this morning. What a truly fantastic experience.”

    Melissa Doff
  • “Excellent customer service and quality inspection. They caught a typo before it went to print. Would definitely use them again.”

    Vivienne, PA
  • “Thank you so much! Best customer service I've ever experienced! Totally doing all my flyers with you guys!”

    Paola Marrero
  • “I'm loving this website - it helps us to design professional looking event flyers and saves me so much time!! Thanks”

    Christy Smith

    Chris Osumo
  • “Your website is a big ball of awesomeness!!! Thank you for helping my launch my summer camp!!! Many blessings to you all!”

    Sandra Crane
  • “We use PosterMyWall for all of our church promo materials. They are so incredible!! We advertise in our community and online. WE LOVE IT!”

    Sterlene Sterling
  • “This is an outstanding site and I love what you all are doing! I've recommended this site to many schools and other of organizations. Thanks for all your hard work!”

    Michael Jones
  • “I just had to say thank you!!! for this amazing website. I love it! It is beyond belief better than any other poster making website, and the choice between free and not, etc., is all done so fairly and so generously! Thanks for everything! You are all awesome!”

    Susanne Haynes
  • “I have just stumble across this site and can I just say...WOW IT'S AMAZING!!!!”

    Laura Bromwich
  • “I must say your site is one of the only ones that allows you to put pictures where you want with lots of background options. I shopped around at several site before I went with your company. I will spread the word of Postermywall!”

    David, CA
  • “Thank you for outstanding customer service. Not only was the order correctly shipped to the desired (changed) address…it arrived today…much earlier than expected. I will definitely be using you services again and recommending them to others.”

    Kristina, TX
  • “This is one FANTASTIC site for making posters! This is the easiest software to use and the best price that I have found on the web. I received my posters within 5 days and they were absolutely GREAT!”

    Rodger, NM
  • “Excellent product and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this store.”

    Steven, CO
  • “I love the quality of work done by The poster arrived very quickly and on perfect shape. I loved it so much, I ordered another one. I hung them both in the school where I teach and people are already asking where I got them, and school hasn't even started yet. I will be buying more and recommending to others.”

    Kimberly, IL
  • “I absolutely love love love this app. It's excellent. I use it almost every day. Sometimes three ro four times a day. For all of my printing needs....Flyers invitations etc. it's so easy to use I almost want to save it and not rnfell peoole about it. It I do share with those I love. Lol. Great great way to be creative.”

    Jacqueline-Hall Moore
  • “Im very happy with this app. Very easy to use! I almost used another site but it was too difficult to navigate through! 100% satisfied”

    Karen Haemmerle Ciraldo
  • “It was fun and easy. I had been searching for a spot to create my flyers and this one was perfect.”

    Valerie Choate
  • “Love that this website company let me make a poster for my video game group and it turned out beautiful. Great backgrounds, fonts, and color options!”

    Jessica Connell
  • “This is an excellent program to make your work look more professional and crisp. It looks so much better than I ever could have done on my own!”

    Desmond McCaulley
  • “Great site that allows me to create EXCELLENT flyers for our events! I've been using this site for a couple of years and it has not failed me yet!”

    Ashley Hampton Bendy
  • “Excellent app. I am very happy with the finished result and it was very easy to use. Thank you”

    Trudy Sammut
  • “This company provides such a useful service and their designs are just amazing. I give them five stars and I never give anyone FIVE!!!”

    Donna Padgett Bowers
  • “Thank you sooooo much for this app. Saves me a lot of time and cost. Keep up the good work!”

    Blak Dave
  • “The website made it very easy to use.Thanks for the awesome artwork.”

    Michael Goines
  • “This is the best app ever....!!!! Just a 2 mins and you can create very professional videos will definitely recommend this to every body who wants to create professional posters and professional videos.”

    Mellisa L. Powell
  • “Love PosterMyWall. Very user friendly that my 14 year old was able to create a digital menu board”

    Sharon Davis
  • “I love poster my wall, so user friendly. Great application to have for business owners.”

    Sa Duchi
  • “I love this app, it is so easy to use. I love doing church work with it.”

    Mary Pearson
  • “Giving creativity to the clueless! Anything that makes promotions easier has got be a good thing.”

    Jodi Allen
  • “I love this tool! If you are not very creative, this will help you a lot.”

    Anirok Leznev
  • “Amazing app. Love Love Love it! Cost is great and so much to choose from.”

    Tomika Kemp-Biggs
  • “Love this App. The work is already done for you. All you need to do is Customize it for your event. EASY PEASY!!”

    Lynne Richardson-Hermanson
  • “Great. easy to use and great for all events. Use it”

    Nishant Cush Kohli
  • “Superb app, i have used it many times to create my own posters”

    Kumaresan VS
  • “So easy to use a child could do high quality work with little effort.”

    Neil Drucker
  • “the print work is wonderful. great selection on flyers as well on poster banners. i would recommend this to every one”

    Larry Crane
  • “Love it!!! User friendly and love all the different fonts/designs/templates. Awesome!!”

    Deidre MrsPurple Gray
  • “It is a user friendly app that I can absolutely use for my marketing”

    Shirley Shoudt
  • “What an amazing site, any poster for any event.... Its poster heaven”

    Teresa Walls
  • “Great place for marketing material. This site is my go to.”

    Eugenia Johnson
  • “Finally found a app that i can create flyers for my organization”

    Rashaad Washington
  • “Very easy to use and has great fonts and graphics!”

    Andrea Bonnema Turk
  • “I love this application. It helps me in so many ways.”

    Joy Carrington
  • “Thanks for the easy to assemble poster! Totally user friendly!”

    Doris Hale Dunning
  • “love love love this app!! easy to use and they get it right every time”

    Yvonne Harrington
  • “Love love love this app. I have used for a year now.”

    Patrice Horton
  • “Easy and quick to use. Great for smaller organizations which don't have a dedicated graphics team member.”

    Anita Wilson Muhammad
  • “This APP is awesome....I tried this app and love it.”

    Ann Jackson
  • “I absolutely recommend this app is helpful and help you do many things thanks.”

    Mario Rosas
  • “Thanks so much for this posters,i love , love it.”

    Promise Ozuzu
  • “Fabulous selection! You have made my life a lot easier to create eyecatching posters. Thank you.”

    Trish Savill
  • “Loving this poster site - what a great tool for the PTO!”

    Melissa Krancer
  • “This is a great site for promoting school activities.”

    Stephanie Elkins Wood
  • “excellent service !!! covers all your needs”

    James Doherty
  • “I use PosterMyWall in Rwanda to advertise events for our club so that we can raise more money and fund grass-roots projects in Rwanda!”

    Living In Rwanda - Ask Annette
  • “Easiest program I found. Thank you so much”

    Elaine Murphy
  • “Great flyers, I like using this because I can become real creative at designing.”

    Amenna Scott
  • “I love this app. It has enhanced my marketing for the Ministry.”

    Messiahs Grace
  • “Excellent App !!!! ^_^ Very pleased. Try it , you will NOT be disappointed.”

    Alla Takhtay
  • “Great tool, easy to use and design posters/flyers that look professional.”

    Terry Donner
  • “Love this App! Very easy to use and makes things look professionally done.”

    Keke B
  • “Great For Advertising! They Have Great Designs!!!!”

    Diana G Fernandez Jr.
  • “Great Help! Love the variety of options available.”

    Traci Saige
  • “Absolutely Amazing - would definitely recommend.”

    Jennifer Doggett
  • “Great application, many ideas and templates available.”

    Dave North
  • “THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME SERVICE! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

    Nicole X Ray

    Pamela Zapanta
  • “Very easy to use and has great fonts and graphics!”

    Andrea Bonnema Turk
  • “Great program to use for nonprofits with no marketing budget. Easy to use and templates are GREAT!”

    Willonda McCloud
  • “It's easy to use every time and the templates give you a good start. Thanks!! I use it all the time!”

    Tabitha Maine Werner
  • “Really nice templates! I was able to make a really great looking poster in a matter of seconds, print it from home and boom! good to go!”

    Glenn Yoder IV
  • “Brilliant Site will now use again and again”

    Traci Saige
  • “Excellent designs & art work i used regularly”

    Myindore Enews
  • “I am shocked at the quality and so EXCITED! My career coach said to have it done professionally and I fibbed and said I would. I didn't have the time and feel frugile. So i designed it myself and sent it to him. The quality is amazing and he said 'I love it.' Hearing that is very few and far imbetween. So thankful!”

    Zgia Kjonaas
  • “Easy to use, great templates, get your poster in minutes!!!”

    Jackie Vargas
  • “amazing and great designs, easy to use. love it. works so well for general stuff as well as business use”

    Emma Bugzie Louise
  • “Amazing for a free service! Just made my first flier with very little frustration. Thank you”

    Jesse Dale
  • “I am thrilled to get to make a poster on your site. I was trying to use Windows 95 Publisher to make a poster when my son who plays bass came in and showed me your site. It was like I went to poster heaven. I love the flaming guitar. Thank you so much. Gwendolyn”

    Gwendolyn Corgan
  • “amazing site and tool, I really be surprised how easy is to use it... outstanding”

    Andres Garcia
  • “Such an easy app. It took me more time to type than to create my background and add the pictures!”

    Jamie Buggy
  • “For self-published authors this is the place to be to create your book covers, promotional and marketing advertisements. There's no other service out there to do it yourself like PosterMyWall. Highly recommended for all business types.”

    Shellie Palmer
  • “An awesome platform to create beautiful designs for posters, flyers, social media, etc and to make extra cash while doing what you love.”

    Zain Kajee
  • “A quick and easy way to make professional great looking flyers”

    Tyia Correy
  • “Very user friendly.. Huge selection to choose from..Happy to have found this site”

    Honrea Minor
  • “This is the best thing I have found to make flyers. I look like a pro doing it!!! Thanks!!!”

    Kerri Lambert
  • “Love this service! So fun and user friendly. Great for so many things!”

    Geneve McNally
  • “I simply love it. I feel like i am a graphic designer using this app”

    Esther Cheddy
  • “best flyer it make it professional it also free too and i would recommend this to anyone”

    Sanjay Persaud
  • “I like this product It's amazing! you can create your own design and style. Its easy and flexible to use.”

    Fil Gar
  • “This product allows me to create art work for my business that I never would be able to do on my own or would take me hours that I just don't have. Easy to use and really flexible.”

    Lyn Thanapiyawiwat
  • “This site adds a touch to my business that I would not have been able to achieve on my own. This is most defiantly worth every penny! I can design it to my liking without driving a graphic design crazy!”

    Nedivah Israel

    Detarious Frierson
  • “This is a great site and it's quick and easy. I ran across this site and fell in love with it.”

    Vicki Floyd
  • “Easy to use, lots of templates!!!! I love it. I hope they won't turn like every other company and start charging crazy $$$$”

    Joseph Condello
  • “I plan events for my church, conference and community events. Just having the security of knowing that there are numerous templates available to select from helps to keep me sane! Thank you and I am so glad that I found this site!!”

    LW Lisane
  • “INCREDIBLE. I'm the vice-president for a STEM-based college club, and this program is INCREDIBLY useful for creating promotional flyers. I might even invest in the upgraded versions - it's pretty helpful and artsy.”

    Sarah Bryant
  • “Easy to use and adorable designs, friendly and cost effective.”

    Tricia Price
  • “Just trying this for the first time. It seems very good and has lots of good formats”

    David Moran
  • “Love how easy it is to make projects. Just takes minutes!”

    Beth McLean Micari

    Jeff Schirmer
  • “I love this site. I can create anything I want. I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to make posters”

    Ibrahim Isiche
  • “Very easy to make the poster, and the quality looked fantastic!”

    Chris Anderson
  • “Postermywall is wonderful! I get to make creative posters and other materials for my family and friends!”

    Belle Bautista-Imana
  • “Great service/app highly recommended 5 star, easy to use.”

    Viana Perez
  • “Great program! I use it for any time I need an event flyer. The layouts are professional and the editing process is easy to use.”

    Josh Pafford
  • “Basic poster design is free to practice. You have to pay a bit for print quality, but it is worth it.”

    Thea Callender
  • “love this website! great designs and very user friendly!”

    Lyn Trusz
  • “cool design perfect platform for creating posters.”

    Joseph Lie
  • “Easy to use poster creation tools. Best on the internet!”

    Susana Iwase
  • “I have been using your designs for a while, and I love them.”

    JoAnn Milton
  • “Great way to design a poster and flyer. Super easy to use!”

    Jennifer Barela
  • “nice graphics! very colorful & really helpful; thanks”

    Toye Adetoye
  • “I'm the performance coordinator for a nonprofit that brings live music to isolated members of our community. I use your site to prepare flyers for these performances.”

    Renee Anchondo-Solis
  • “I like the fact that you can customize the designs how you want them.”

    Evelyn Dohvoma

    Kayla Klikier
  • “Lots of different designs that were very helpful. There were many to choose from.”

    Tracy Sinclair
  • “Liked the site, was really easy to use and hand a quick resource guide for teachers.”

    Auntie Sissykk
  • “its interesting and very easy to use , quick and easy and fun”

    Noxolo Khanyile
  • “thank you, this website really helps to promote my workplace.”

    Carolina K Rahardja
  • “Great and easy way to make flyers and event posts. Wish I would have found it sooner.”

    Spot Columbus
  • “I like that fact that they have templates that you can customize.”

    Pamela Baker
  • “Been a great way to advertise my small company and our services!”

    Ruth Cahours Cavell
  • “Great way to build quick marketing material! When you're on the run like me you can make great looking marketing material on the fly with poster my wall. I recommend this to everyone!”

    Aman Chandra
  • “very useful! quick and easy way to make a poster, flyer, or ad. make posters for my clubs and events in an hour!”

    Nathaniel Kyle
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